Hargrove Named Salisbury University Head Coach


A huge congratulations to Alex Hargrove of Clarks Summit, PA.  The new head coach for the Salisbury University Sea Gulls Men’s Soccer Program.

Alex has contributed years of energy, time and effort into his passion of coaching and by choice to his Alma mater, Salisbury.  Well educated in game play, tactics and skill development; Alex has also focused much of his studies to player psychology and management.  No doubt, he will show success with this team he cares so much for.

The Hargrove family has been ingrained in Abington Soccer for decades.  Not just as players and coaches, but impacting the teams they’ve played for as standout leaders and students of the game.  Currently all three Hargrove men are coaching and involved with the sport in a very positive, engaging, mental and progressive light that will continue to show positive results.

Presenting: Alex Hargrove